Today was awesome. I did a lot more standing/walking than was smart and boy am I feeling it now, but I had so much fun that I regret nothing! Friends made time in their busy schedules to take me to an art show I wanted to see and out to a favorite restaurant that sent me a free birthday coupon. It wasn’t the flashiest or most glamorous of days, but in terms of friendship and enjoyment it couldn’t be beat.

The art show was something I found out about through Instagram. A lot of great street art goes up in my neighborhood and over time I’ve found certain artists that I really enjoy. The internet and social media allows me to find them and keep track of what else they do. This particular artist goes by the name Thrashbird.

I had very little information going in to this so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I found was simply wonderful. The art was a mixture of images I was familiar with and things that were new to me. Best of all (and totally unexpected!) the artist was there and took the time to talk to us, share future plans, further educate us, and answer my silly questions. What a sweetheart!

Here are some low quality cell phone pics of the (most definitely high quality) art:

In the alternate universe where I am wealthy I would have bought more than one of the pieces we saw today. In this universe though I am just grateful to the friends who made it possible for me to have this experience. I’ll spend the next few days taking it easy to recover. Totally worth it!

You can find Thrashbird on Facebook here or on Instagram here.

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