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More photos on The Fosters!

Remember when my photos were used on an episode of The Fosters? Well, it happened again! Some of my photos were printed out and used to decorate one of the walls in a character’s bedroom. (The character that is a photography buff, the one who “took” my photos on the show.) It was a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment but I managed to grab two screencaps of the scene.

They’re small and blurry in the back, but they’re there! 🙂

This way might be easier, the pictures are the same but only my photos are in color…

This was a bench I walked past in Playa Vista

This was a movie theater facade on the set of another TV show. Kinda funny, a set from one show on the set of another show? But you would have to be a huge fan of the show (like I am) to even recognize it. Major points to you if you know what set and TV show I’m talking about! 😉

This is a funky sidewalk/wall thing. I thought it looked cool. They hung it on the wall in a different direction than it was taken, which almost makes it better. If you remember back to the first episode my pictures were used in, I was extra excited because Norman Buckley directed it. (One of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met, FYI.) Well Norman’s husband Davyd Whaley is a very talented artist, and this photo was taken just outside of his studio. I have no clue if this is a happy, ‘small world’ type coincidence or not, but either way it makes me smile.

This was an alternate shot of the same movie theater facade I talked about above.

Directly behind her head (hard to see it’s in color because it is so dark) is this picture of some lights at a fancy shopping area here in LA.

Above her head and slightly to the left of her head is this picture of some street art I walked past and loved. I discovered later that it was done by a wonderful artist named Jennifer Korsen.

So there ya go. My “15 minutes” are officially over, but the excitement will last for a long time!

Photo post: Another trip to The Nethercutt

I know I was just at The Nethercutt a few weeks ago, but when I had the opportunity to go back I jumped on it. Photographs really don’t do this place justice…

(Unlike the previous Nethercutt post, all photos here were taken and edited with my phone.)

Photo post: Downtown Los Angeles

My week in photos…

I missed doing one of these posts last week, so this one should actually be “my last 2 weeks in photos” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 😉

Photo post: Nethercutt Collection

A friend and I went to see the Nethercutt Collection yesterday. The Nethercutt Collection is a museum housed in two buildings, one of which you need to make reservations for, both of which are free. I’m not a huge “car” person, but even I was blown away by what I saw. My favorite room was the Music room, last on the tour. I highly recommend going if you can!