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Plants Are Aliens (in my head)

Maybe I watched too much sci-fi as a kid, (no such thing tbh) but most plants look like aliens to me.

(Most of the aforementioned sci-fi was Star Trek with its lessons in tolerance so I’m cool with aliens…)

My week in photos…

Well this past week was certainly more eventful than most. All grand adventures, but my body is crying out for some TLC. I think I need a few restful days after this week…

Monday night a friend and I went to a Buzz Aldrin book signing at a local bookstore. There were so many people that we were herded through the line rapidly with no time to stop and chat, but I did manage to take a few pictures of him, and a photo with him. Er… Sorta.

Buzz Aldrin collage

This was one of the coolest things I have ever done, I mean, he’s BUZZ FREAKIN’ ALDRIN!!!

Other photos from Monday:

Wednesday got off to a rocky start, but ended up being one of those days where things work out perfectly! A good friend thought she was driving to Los Angeles to take me to a doctor appointment. In reality she was coming down to hang out at CBS on the set of The Young & The Restless and meet a long-time favorite actor of hers. Timing was critical, but even an exploding radiator and a game of musical cars couldn’t stop us.

We took a little detour through The Price is Right

While my friend watched them shooting, I amused myself.

After CBS we rushed off to get in line for the sneak preview (by one day) of Star Trek Into Darkness. Lines are always more fun with friends!

Photo post: Vasquez Rocks, Fillmore, The Olivas Adobe

You’ve probably seen the Vasquez Rocks in too many movies and TV shows to name, but they are most famous (in my head) as the place where Kirk fought the Gorn.

The Fillmore Railway

The Olivas Adobe, built in the 1840s. Truly impressive!