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Photo Post

Photo Post

Lincoln Exhibit

A friend and I took a trip to see the “Life & Times of Abraham Lincoln” exhibit at the Reagan Library. It was amazing, I really could have spent all day there… If you live in the area I highly recommend you visit before it’s gone. (These are really bad photos, I know this. The exhibit was poorly lit and everything was behind a reflective surface. Despite all of that, the items on display were so fascinating that I want to share the photos. Try not to judge too harshly please.)


We also visited some other parts of the Reagan Library

Photo post: Another trip to The Nethercutt

I know I was just at The Nethercutt a few weeks ago, but when I had the opportunity to go back I jumped on it. Photographs really don’t do this place justice…

(Unlike the previous Nethercutt post, all photos here were taken and edited with my phone.)

Photo post: Nethercutt Collection

A friend and I went to see the Nethercutt Collection yesterday. The Nethercutt Collection is a museum housed in two buildings, one of which you need to make reservations for, both of which are free. I’m not a huge “car” person, but even I was blown away by what I saw. My favorite room was the Music room, last on the tour. I highly recommend going if you can!

Photo post: Travel Town, again…

Yes I have posted photos from Travel Town before, no you’re not crazy. (Well, you might be, but no you’re not imagining seeing pictures from Travel Town before.) I was in the area today and wanted to play around with some settings on my camera that I usually ignore.