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Photo post: Another trip to The Nethercutt

I know I was just at The Nethercutt a few weeks ago, but when I had the opportunity to go back I jumped on it. Photographs really don’t do this place justice…

(Unlike the previous Nethercutt post, all photos here were taken and edited with my phone.)

Photo post: Travel Town, again…

Yes I have posted photos from Travel Town before, no you’re not crazy. (Well, you might be, but no you’re not imagining seeing pictures from Travel Town before.) I was in the area today and wanted to play around with some settings on my camera that I usually ignore.

Photo post: Travel Town

Travel Town is a museum in Griffith Park with all kinds of different train cars. Kids are able to climb into some of them and look around. Others are just for show. It is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles.

Photo post: Vasquez Rocks, Fillmore, The Olivas Adobe

You’ve probably seen the Vasquez Rocks in too many movies and TV shows to name, but they are most famous (in my head) as the place where Kirk fought the Gorn.

The Fillmore Railway

The Olivas Adobe, built in the 1840s. Truly impressive!

Photo post: Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is stunningly beautiful if you know where to look…



Other photos taken in downtown LA (on various days)

Photo post: Random

These are random images, all different subjects over a long period of time. Most were taken with my cell phone.