7 thoughts on “Rest in peace

  1. Uncle Mike

    Great pictures Jenny! You captured Mom so well. She was not only beautiful inside and out, she was a good person and she made a very proud Son. No wonder Dad fell for her. 🙂
    Life – Mom always said ‘no one is going to get out of here alive’ however, I’d venture to say she is with Dad now and they are having a party. Thanks for posting this Jenny. Love you.


  2. Jacki

    Hi Jenny. I know I already told you this but your post was beautiful. Mema loved you so much and was looking forward to coming down for a visit with you this year. The timeline pictures you posted we’re awesome. I also believe, as Uncle Mike stated, that she is up with “Papa”, your mom and Uncle Barry and the world better watch out because they are going to raise hell up there, lol. I love you Jenny


  3. D.J. oates

    Hi we are sorry for your whole family’s loss, we have been in contact with your family off and on over the past thirty or so years they will be remembered and cherrished for who they were……
    djoates and family



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